Naoki Kajitani,Hisaaki Kobayashi

2007.10.2 (tue) - 10.20 (sat)
tue-fri 12:00-19:00, sat 12:00-17:00, sun&mon closed


We will hold the annual Argus exhibition again this year for the tenth time.Two of the Argus members will have their solo shows of photographs and a joint show of video works.

As the artists are photographers, their video works are different from typical works of this kind, but include the essential qualities of photography.

Naoki Kajitani used a digital camera to create a series of works depicting regional cities in Japan. Titled "JPEG", the most commonly used compress format for digital images, the distortion that emerges through the use of a digital camera brings out the normally overlooked essence of the less appealing aspects of regional landscape.

Hisaaki Kobayashi series follows one of photography's tried-and-true traditions of snapshots, with the artist's own unique sensibility.