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In the late 90s, there was a photography boom in Japan, during which many female artists emerged. But only a few of these photographers remain active. In this video, we explore the reasons why. These are some of the works and backgrounds of these six artists. Each of the artists explains their own unique creative perspective, providing an inspiration to up-and-coming young artists hoping to enter the world of photography and the visual arts.

The following artists participated in the exhibition:

Akioka, Miho

Born in Kobe in 1952. Completed the graduate school of Education Research at Osaka Kyoiku University.
Began making works after developing an interest in "seeing" in the 1970s.
Used out of focus and blurred images, multiple exposures capture unusual visual experiences through the eye of the cameras. Awarded 5th "Sakuya-konohana award" in 1988, by Osaka-City.Eventually, lives in Mie Prefecture.

Ishiuchi, Miyako

Born in Gunma in 1947 and raised in Yokosuka.
Left Tama Art University, where she majored in textiles, without graduating.
Awarded the 4th Kimura Ihei Memorial Photography Award in 1979, and became regarded as a leading Japanese photographer. At first she photographed Urban landscapes and architechture.In 1994 she began focusing on the human body. Currently ives in Tokyo.

Kodama, Fusako

Born in Wakayama in 1945.
Graduated from the Photography Department of Kuwazawa Design Institute.
Photographed the city and people of Tokyo and suburb with the sharp eye of her camera. "Criteria" and "Tokyo after 1000 Years" are her most popular books. Currently lives in Tokyo.

Nagahara, Yuri

Born in Kyoto in 1957.
Graduated from Tachibana women's University.
She had started to make photocopy works and has showed many installations using copies, photography, and mixed media.She was invited to show her works at "Copy and These connections",which travelled to Rochester, and Montereal.Currently lives in Kyoto.

Matsuo, Hiroko

Born in Shanghai in 1935.
Graduated from Doshisha University, the Faculty of Social Studies, Journalism and Communications.
Worked at "Nishijin graph," which is a PR magazine about the Kyoto traditional textile industry for 35 years as a editor in the advertising section. After retirement, she started to make her works using Nishijin textile. Exhibited "Decreasing Landscapes Nishijin Shoukei" at The Museum of Kyoto in 1998.Will publish a photo book called "Kyo Nishijin".Currently lives in Kyoto.

Matsumoto, Michiko

Born in Shizuoka in 1950.
Graduated from Housei University, the Faculty of Literature, and Japanese Studies.
She established a distinctive style with her portrait photography of contemporary leading artists."Women," "Portraits of Women in NY" and "Dancers; Portraits of Eros" are her most popular books.Head of Matsumoto Michiko Photography Office. Currently lives in Tokyo.