NU・E: New Selections from 1992 -1997 Exhibitions @ 03FOTOS


We are pleased announce our first exhibition of 2017, a solo show by Narahashi Asako entitled NU・E.
At this exhibition, we will show a new selection of her vintage prints from the exhibition series NU・E, which was held 17 times at 03FOTOS from 1992 to 1997.
This is the second time the NU・E series, the starting point of Narahashi Asako’s work, has been shown at The Third Gallery Aya, following an exhibition in 1998.
The spirit of NU・E (nue, a kind of legendary composite animal) visible in the landscape of Japan can only be captured through photography, and years after the series began, we feel strongly the wonder and eeriness of the unique world expressed in Narahashi’s work.

2017.1.28 sat.– 2.18 sat.
12:00-19:00/Tue-Fri 12:00-17:00/Sat 
Closed on Sun and Mon